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Donna & Andy Concerts

Donna & Andy Concerts for Young Students and Pre-School Children:

Donna & Andy delight fans with their original songs, and joyful creativity.  They are professional musicians who love to share their talents with children and their families. Many performances take place in elementary schools where the entire student population (K-6) becomes involved in the magic of the music. Now children can experience a bit of the Donna & Andy magic at home. 

Welcome to Donna & Andy Concert page where songs from the concert can be shared at home, giving students the opportunity to re-live the fun of the concert and to share the music with their families. Everyone is invited to sing along, dance, do some actions and create your own Donna & Andy concert and enjoy some of the best kids songs ever!

Watch, Listen, Dance and Sing along with

Donna & Andy Concert Songs!

Ed the Invisible Dragon

Join in the fun and sing along
Do the actions Andy taught you at the concert.
Newbies – snap your fingers, and wave your hands over your head, then look for Ed. You will be ready for the next Donna & Andy concert near you!

It’s a Pirate's Life for Me

Everyone is invited to go “To the sea”. Use your best pirate voice and remember to put that sword away at the end of the song!

I’d Rather be a Bear

Use your singing voice or funny bear voices to imitate Andy.
Would you like to sleep all winter and wake up in time for beautiful May weather?
I’d rather be a bear!

Pondering Penguins

Can you waddle, jump into the ocean and juggle and egg on your feet? This song is for all the penguin fans out there. Invite everyone in your house to create a penguin party with you! This is the "Penguin Line Dance song" and lots of students join us on stage for this tune. You can do a line dance at home as well.

You can see some of the penguin line dance on this video starting at 3:15

That's it for Today

(Donna & Andy band)

This is the Kitchen Party song with the Donna & Andy band. Students and young children who volunteer get to play the Newfoundland Ugly Stick (shown in this video) the washboards and many sets of spoons. Before you listen to this lively tune (written by Andy) go to the kitchen and get some spoons, a pot lid or two, and have a kitchen party along with Donna & Andy.


Cha Cha Cha

It’s time for some real dancing! Just listen to the instructions and move your hands in all the directions you hear Donna & Andy sing. You are invited to cha cha high, low, fast and slow as you do the Donna-Andy Cha Cha Cha.

5-4-3-2-1 Cha cha cha!

Donna & Andy, That's Our Name

A Studio recording of this song will be available on our next CD to be released in the spring 2020. Join the newsleter to get the release announcement.

We start our performances with our signature Donna & Andy intro song "That's Our Name". By the end of the song - most folks will be familiar with which one of us is Donna and which is Andy. At the end of our elementary school Donna & Andy concerts, we sing a reprise where everyone can sing along and we do it really fast close to the end. So much fun!

4 More Fun Donna & Andy Songs

These songs are sometimes performed in 

Donna & Andy concert - but not Every Time!

The Most Important Person

On the ship there are lots of people doing different jobs. Each person thinks that their job is the most important. It is a real challenge when only one person has to do all the jobs at the same time. "Captain Luke" had his hands full trying to be everyone on the ship.

Gramma's Pajamas

Gramma's favorite pink, frilly-laced pajamas, tickle her neck and tickle her toes and she can't sleep at night. How would you solve this problem?  She does love those pink pajamas!

Computer Cat

   Image what it would be like if the cat ate the mouse for the computer.     Do you think it would affect your video game scores? 

I Got a Sister

(but I wanted a dog)

I was a lonely single child and I wanted someone to play with, so my parents gave me a sister, but I wanted a dog.

Just for Fun!

I Had a Little Chicken

The Chicken Song

Donna & Andy have been performing this song for over 20 years. With over 200 performances of the song, it is finally available on video. There isn't an audio recording of the song - because - well, that would be just a little bit silly. You can read the full story of how we learned to do the chicken - in the description below the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

Here is what some of our listeners have to say about

Donna & Andy

My favorite Donna & Andy song is the Packing for Vacation one. I really think the song is funny especially the end. We sang it in school when I was in grade one. We had actions for it. I’m in grade 5 now and I can still do the actions and remember all the words.

Lilly grade 5 student

My students loved this concert. It was funny, participatory and well-paced.

Donna & Andy know how to entertain kids! They are also great musicians who inspire kids with music composition and their ability to play several instruments. Fabulous!

Jane Hawketts Gr. 3 Teacher

What is your favorite Donna & Andy Song? Let us know in the comments below!